I’m so excited for practice tonight. I had two awesome games on the weekend. Saturday has been amazing for me!! Because of Saturday i was captain for Sunday’s game!! Ahhhhhhhh how cool is that?!?!?
But honestly I’m so sore and tired. I know it’s two days ago by now but still.. I have no idea how my sister is doing it and I just get more and more impressed of her! She looks like a human but I think secretly she has superpowers. 
However.. yes the games were amazing and I got so many compliments afterwards! I didn’t even know who the people were haha it just felt really nice! Also my team gave me a big compliment and that made me really happy! 
I’m sad because we don’t have a game this weekend BUT we are having a long weekend yeyyy. On Monday there is family day here so no school. Wuhuuuu. 
I like school but still.. you have to do something and that’s always exhausting right? Haha, maybe I’m just really lazy.. 
yesterday I cleaned up my room.. I always thought it was clean until I started put out all of my clothes and it turned out that I have more clothes that I thought I have.. my parents will get a lot of parcels packed with clothes that I don’t need anymore.. 
I think I don’t have something else to tell.. just wanted to say something again.. I included some new pictures.