New semester

Since Monday I’ve got a new schedule. A really stressful one.. But also an interesting one. I think this semester I will learn a lot new stuff. 
I know I still have the other half to pass of this experience but it feels like that it’s almost over now and that makes me really sad. But my parents will come to canada and I can share my experiences with them. 
This might sound weird but I feel like since I’m in Canada I’m closer to my parents than i have ever been before. You start to appreciate things that you haven’t before.. I‘m so thankful for that new side I am able to see now. 
My English still sucks.. what makes me a little bit sad and disappointed about myself.. I don’t know what my problem is.. I unterstand everything what others say by now but my englisch is so so bad! It’s like I’m not able to talk/write correct sentences. Really frustrating but I won’t give up. I am still hoping that it will just come when I don’t expect it and don’t think about it. 
Soccer is really frustrating too at the moment. I know I could do a lot of things better than I actually did but who knew that the mind is more powerful than the physicality.. it’s like I’ve got the ball and I start thinking 'don’t mess it up, rahel, try to impress your coaches and teammates, give everything you can now, sh*t there is another player right in front of me' so yes and then I freak out and just shoot the ball somewhere.. I wish I could have the talent of my sister. She has the best control on the ball. I haven’t seen one person here in canada who plays better than my sister. If I could just have the skills like she has..