It’s freaking cold outside!!!! But I kinda like it. Somehow when I walk home from the gym and it’s getting dark outside and the cold wind is hitting you.. it feels sooo good, haha. 
I had such a good week! Everyday was a good day.. how cool is that? I mean I still have one more day to go and on my to-do list for this day is tidy up the room.. hm.. But still. 6 days of happiness and joy! What a nice week! 
Canada changed me so much! I can’t really describe what changed but I feel different somehow. It’s not that I became more confident it’s just I started to get out from my safe place. I try things that make me feel uncomfortable but after I did it I feel like i gained something.. something what no education in Germany could give you. I was all the time scared of 'losing a year of school'.. don’t be! I have been here only for 4 1/2 month yet and it taught me so much already. You will get so much more independent. It’s crazy. I always thought that i was independent back in Germany.. I wasn’t. You won’t learn a lot of new things for your school education (of course it depends on your level and which subjects you used to have) but your education will grow in so many different ways! Education doesn’t mean school all the time! It can be so much more and just to see that side of the view shows how much canada changed me. Sometimes i can’t believe how positive I became lately.. Everyday..in every different subject I find a reason to smile. Sometimes my cheeks are hurting because I smiled so much.. 
Canada prepared me so much for my future and I was never as ready as I’m now for my way to go. somehow I really look forward to go this way and see where I will end.. See, no bad thoughts! 
Of course not everything is perfect and of course I’m still worried about a lot of things and I have situations where I can’t find the positive in it but these kind of things became less and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. I started to live and enjoy my life to the fullest and that’s what I ever dreamed of.. I guess this Is what everyone is dreaming of. 
Okay that was a really personal blog. Bye 👋