December is coming

Ahhh I can’t wait for December! I’m just way too excited for Christmas this year! My parents just bought the best gift ever for my host parents. Can’t wait what they gonna say. 
I had a quite interesting day.. my host dad woke me up at 7 to tell me that we are out of power.. I was like okay, this happens sometimes no big deal.. yea guess what.. it was a big deal! Whole Nova Scotia was out of power and school got cancelled.. good for me so I had time to hang out with my new Canadian friend. We stepped out to get something to eat. So I had my first plate of nachos today and let me tell you.. it was mouth-wathering. 
This weekend will be a tough one.. I have to say goodbye to one of my international friends.. we will hang out tomorrow for the last time.. have a sleepover for the last time and then we have to say goodbye..
Well.. it doesn’t mean she’s gone forever but I mean it’s hard to stay in contact, especially with the time difference.. 
This will be the first Christmas without my parents and my sister on my side.. let me tell you.. it‘s overwhelming.. 
You know sometimes I feel really guilty.. I have the best time here and you get more involved in everything and you really start to feel home but that means you have less time to text your parents and tell them all the exciting things that you did but that doesn’t mean that I love my parents less.. and i feel like i don’t take enough time to let them know that it doesn’t matter where I am they will always be the most important part of my life. They will always be my home! No matter how long I’m gone, how far I’m away and no matter how happy I am in another country.. I’m still the happiest around my parents and I could never live without them! 
So hopefully my parents know now how much I love them and that I didn’t forget them. I know that they don’t expect that I will text them everyday.. I know that they want me to go out and live my best life and I’m so thankful for that! I have such a big support from my family for what I am doing here.. 
so that was a lot of writing.. i probably should go to sleep now.. because tomorrow I have to go to school haha. 
Have a good night.:)