New Month

So I have been here for one month already. I had many ups and downs but you know what? If I would just have ups then life would be really boring. Now my life is challenging me and I start to enjoy it. Some days are better than others and some days are worse than others.. it depends on what way you look at it. 
I want to start to write at least every second day in this Blog. I have a lot to talk about and this is the place where I can talk about my journey. 
I‘m a person who is always comparing myself with others and it’s really not healthy. I had a lot of troubles with accepting myself here because I thought the others are better in talking English, the others can dress themselves better, the others are more beautiful than me, the others have more friends and the others are thinner than me. Honestly I noticed that I have a lot of trouble with my body and it’s driving me crazy. I just want to enjoy everything but it’s really hard if you can not enjoy yourself. So first big goal here: find the love for myself again and ignore the negativity which is given from others. 

Tomorrow will be a tough day for me. I have my first race and the distance will be 6km. I have never ran such a long distance without doing a break and I’m sick so.. it will be interesting.. I think too much and too negative when I think of tomorrow. I think I’m not good enough to run such a long distance but I know when I won’t finish the race tomorrow then I have more space to improve myself. I have a llooooonng way to go but I think I’m on the right way now. Another important appointment tomorrow is my first presentation in English about a poem. I’m really nervous because of my English.

So tomorrow will be an interesting day and I’m glad when it’s Friday.. but I will write tomorrow again on the blog that you know how I made it trough the day.. 

See U tomorrow on my blog again.👋🏻